Our Mission is to create a sustainable alignment between funding and investee companies.

At CLG Capital, we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of financial services, expertly designed to empower small and mid-cap companies to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape. Our extensive experience and proven track record set the foundation for success, as we partner with you to achieve your strategic objectives.

Equity Derivatives

CLG Capital provides expertise in equity derivatives, which are financial instruments whose value is derived from an underlying equity security, such as stocks or equity.

Equity Placements

Equity placements are a service offered by CLG Capital in which the firm assists clients in raising capital by issuing and selling new shares of their company to investors. 

High Yield Bonds

CLG Capital provides assistance with high yield bonds, which are debt securities that offer higher interest rates due to their higher risk compared to investment-grade bonds.

Acquisition Financing

CLG Capital offers acquisition financing to help clients secure funds to acquire businesses, properties, or assets.

Bridge Loan

CLG Capital provides bridge loan services to help clients manage short-term financial needs during transitional periods.

Receivables Financing

CLG Capital offers receivable financing to help clients access immediate funds by using their accounts receivable as collateral.